Tutima-Glashuette chronograph

Typical Luftwaffe "fliegerchronograph" from WW2 with the excellent Urofa 59 chrono fly-back caliber.
Frosted nikel case but slightly brassed due to age.Typical red stop pusher to prevent chrono resetting during the flight use.The watch has been overhauled, in excellent shape despite its 70 years.

1. Dial side plate after cleaning. Gl-Luft/gl2.jpg

2. Wheels-bridges-balance wheel after cleaning.

3. Assembly of Wheels and barrel.

4. Assembly of wheels and barrel bridges with few chrono parts.

5. Assembly of chrono levers and coupling.

6. Assembly of chrono bridge.

7. Movement into case.

8. All parts assembled, dial side view.

9. SS screwed back, with same code of chronograph bridge.

10. Dial detail.

11. Rear dial detail,dial maker and date.

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