Longines 13ZN chronograph

Restoration of this Longines, having special 13ZN movement with central minutes recorder, was particularly difficult.It had various problems.The main problem was the cronograph hand axle collapsed.Which was reconstructed by means of a lathe.Other problems : rust on blue steel hands,original winding crown missing. Movement was serviced, hands were cleaned and added with luminous paste shade matching dial indexes. Winding crown was rebuilt by milling machine matching original shape.

1. before restoration

2. dial

3. rust on hands surface

4. movement before disassembly

5. disassembled and cleaned movement

6. another detail of disassembled parts

7. reassembled and lubricated movement

8. detail of broken wheel axle

9. detail of back pivot removal and new axle

10. detail of wheel with new axle

11. detail of new winding crown as milling product

12. detail of new crown with stem

13. movement into case

14. another picture

15. pusher side picture

16. ended work

17. on the wrist

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